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Think about the social and political conditions of the time during which Arthur Miller was writing The Crucible.  In what ways has looking through his historical lens colored your understanding of the play?  In developing your analysis, support your thesis with information from the articles TimeBends by Arthur Miller and The NY Times Article “The Demons of Salem, With Us Still” Sunday, September 8th, 1996 and details from the play. 

In a sentence or two, summarize how this historical information has added to or changed your understanding of the play.  Consider using this as your thesis.

In your notes, identify elements of the play that you now view differently.  How has your sense of these elements changed?  For example, are there things you now see more clearly?  Does the play seem more or less interesting? Note the historical details that caused you to think differently.

Using your thesis statement and notes, write a brief essay in which you explain how learning about the historical context of The Crucible affected your appreciation and understanding of the play. 

Be sure to synthesize your arguments.

You should write between 250­-500 words. Make sure that your writing shows:

·  Comprehension of The Crucible

·  An understanding of how historical context influenced the play

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