Maya Angelou websites


Using the FIRST website listed for your author , list two or three things that this person is most well-known for (Why are they famous?).  Why is this information important?

Maya Angelou was also an author of, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, which tells about her life from childhood in Arkansas and the birth of her child. She had composed song lyrics and poems for many years, and by the end of the 1950s was increasingly interested in developing her skills as a writer. Angelou involved herself in television production and remained active in the Civil Rights Movement, working more closely with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Using the SECOND website listed for your author, list two or three important things that happened to your author in their personal life (Perhaps what has happened in their personal life that caused them to write?).  Why is this information important? (Be sure to avoid obvious answers such as birth or death, unless there was some other significance beyond the obvious related to those types of events.)

One important thing that happened to Ms. Angelou was that she wrote five autobiographies about her life, because she felt responsible for the death of her rapist (her mother’s boyfriend). It shows that even though she had struggles in her life, she was still able to survive them.

Another important thing that happened to Ms. Angelou was that she was recognized not only as a spokesperson for blacks and women, but for all people in 1975 by Carol E. Neubauer. It gives us to know that she was a positive role model for many people, and her hard work paid off.


Using the THIRD website listed for your author, take a look at the author’s legacy. What lessons about life has the author taught people through their writing? Why is this person’s writing taught in schools? Be sure to explain in detail.

Maya Angelou wore many different hats, but she never swayed away from what was right. She encouraged others to learn about their heritage(s). She gives us to know that communication is the main key to everything. She paved the way for African American authors. My mother had the opportunity to listen to her speak in person, and she said it left an impression on her life forever. Ms. Angelou’s writing is taught in school because she was a teacher herself. She gives people information that is good for their soul as well as their mind. She is a role model to many, including Oprah Winfrey.



Maya Angelou


Had a fulfilling life

Reason # 1:

Civil Rights Activist and author

Reason # 2:

Suffered rape and death

Reason # 3:

Mentored and became a role model for many

Example thesis statement AND blueprint:

Maya Angelou has a fulfilling life because even her being raped and silent for 5 years, she managed to become an active member of the Civil Rights movement, award-winning author, and mentor and role model for many.

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