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MATH 0312  Reading Assignment 1

Read the following short story, entitled “The Secret Number” written by Igor Teper. Obviously, this story is a work of fiction, but relates certain themes that have been present throughout the history of mathematics. 

[Paragraph 1] Summarize the story, including both main characters’ points of view about the existence of the secret integer.  Try to reference this in a historical context based [for example, how were people treated when explaining that the world was round when many considered it flat, and how has that changed?]

[Paragraph 2] Several mathematicians and scientists in history have had to deal with persecution, ridicule, or even execution as result of developing theories that were not held by most people.  Pick one of these people from history and history and briefly describe theory and what penalties resulted from this.  [We have mentioned several during class, but if you are stuck do an internet search on “Famous persecuted scientists” or “famous persecuted mathematicians.”]

[Paragraph 3] Do you think that there are mathematics ideas or formulae that have yet to be discovered?  If so, do you think these would be accepted by easily or would someone presenting these ideas experience a situation similar to that of the story? Explain why you have this opinion.

[Paragraph 4] Finally, we have all (myself included) felt stressed over a problem or assignment that seemed too difficult to manage.  Briefly describe a situation like that this that you experienced.  Reference the last scene of the story and the condition of Ercheim’s room.  While I assuming none of us were writing equations in grape juice on the walls all night, what sort of strange things have you done when trying to solve that problem.

This paper should be 4 paragraphs (the summary, your research, your opinion, and the relevance to your life, labelled above).  Each of these will be graded out of 5 points [Not Completed (0) – Excellent (5)], and the entire assignment will count as a quiz grade.

Please be careful when doing the research portion!  You must cite any thoughts that were not your own, even if not a direct quote.  Please consult for basics of using APA formatting, and if you any additional questions, please talk to me.

Remember using someone else’s intellectual property (their ideas, writings, and theories) without giving them credit is considered plagiarism and will result in harsh penalties.

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