While he was still in college. Tomas Juarez decided he wanted to work with children from low-income families He began his verse school. however, a culturally d a few years The school had built only labs before and included state-of-the-art science students were proficient with helped Mr. Juarez develop they even skills. of the students participated in extracurricular activities, and their parents ous active in affairs. More than 90% of the previ graduating class had enrolled in pro grams. It was a pleasure to work with a team of teachers who planned interesting lessons based on a constructivist approach, engaged students in the content, and devel- oped higher-order thinking skills. After a few years, Mr. Juarez decided he was ready to take on the challenge of an inner-city school where most stu- dents were members of oppressed groups. As soon as he stepped into his new school, he realized that he had been spoiled in the suburbs. First, the smell wasn’t right and the halls were dirty, even though it was the beginning of the school year. The room that was to be his classroom did not have enough chairs for all of the students who had been assigned to the class. Not only did the room look as if it had not been repainted for 20 years, but numerous ceiling tiles were missing. His first thought was that both he and the students would be exposed to asbestos a lead poisoning. Outside, the playground was uninviting. There was no grass, the stench from local factories was overpowering, and the football field did not even have goalposts. During Mr. Juarez’s first few weeks, he found that the stu- dents were terrific. They were enthusiastic about being back in school. He had only enough textbook for half the class, however, and no money in the budget to purchase more. Supplies were limited, and most of the school’s au- diovisual equipment had been stolen the previous year and not replaced.


1. Why were conditions at Mr. Juarez’s new school so much different from those in the suburban school?

2. What are the chances of Mr. Juarez’s students being academically successful at the same level as his stu- dents in the suburban school?

3. Why are students in the urban school more likely to drop out, become pregnant, and not attend college?

Answer each question in 100 Words plz

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