Little Turtle Playhouse writing homework help

Me and Maranda went to the Little Turtle Playhouse to observe children. We planned to observe 4—6 year-old kids who are in their early childhood, but we found that the children were 2—4 year-old. I found four rooms for different age groups. One room for children above 3 year-old; one for 2—3 year old children; one for children under 2 years old who are able to walk and the other for babies under 1 year-old. 

There were five kids in our room. They were learning the steps of washing hands when we first got in. They were asked to put the steps in a right order. The four year-old children seemed got a sense of what they were asked to do. They understood which steps they put were wrong and why they were wrong after the teacher pointed out, but a three-year-old child were pretty confused about what she was telling to do and got no sense of the number sequence (didn’t know 1 is followed 2 and 3 is bigger than 2, ect.), but still showed some improvement on the second try after the teacher corrected them. But they will be learning things fast with “guided participation”. Social-Contextual Approach shows the importance of mutual interactions with adults that help structure children’s activities and bridge the gap between a child’s understanding and an adult’s. This could be using to explain the children’s improvement with the activity. 

After that activity they had a “circle time” learning some basic knowledge about counting numbers, days, describing the weathers, ect. They were able to give responses but not in completed full sentences. They were at a critical period in learning language, which means that they are at the better time than any other period in learning language.

They were waiting for parents to pick them up after all day playing and learning. All the children shows excited when they saw their moms and dads, showing a secure attachment between their caregivers and them. 

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