Literature Review about Lean Six Sigma DMAIC tool management homework help

I want  a complete Literature Review for my master thesis around 10-12 pages and the title of the thesis is “ Using Lean Six Sigma DMAIC To Develop Capital Maintenance Projects Processes at Saudi Electricity Company “

Abstract of Thesis

The aim of the study is to develop Capital Maintenance Projects of Maintenance Sector of western operation area at Saudi Electricity Company by using Lean Six Sigma Methodology and ARIS Express Software. Lean Six Sigma is a process based methodology for pursuing continuous improvement. Companies use this methodology to reduce/eliminate the waste in their processes. ARIS Express software is a modeling tool for business process analysis and management. Lean Six Sigma includes five phases has to be studied which are DMAIC which stands for ( Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control ). Using Lean Six Sigma methodology on Maintenance Sector at Saudi Electricity Company to identify the root causes of the delay in the processes of Capital Maintenance Projects , determine which process parameters have the greatest impact on the time delay, Improving the performance of the Capital Projects in maintenance sector of western operation area and Develop a system that can be used to be followed easily in maintenance sector of western operation area by all participants in the Capital Projects.

Note :

In the attached file there are a 6 journals consists of 6 studies related to DMAIC tools , which you can summarize  and use it in Literature Review or you can use your own journals that related to the study including references and citation but should not exceed 6 journals .

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