Linear Equations

Get in Line

Part 1:

For the Unit 5 Discussion Board, you will create a scenario where a linear equation will be used to find the solution. After setting up your scenario, write out the linear equation for your classmates. Remember linear equations will only have one variable with an exponent of one.

Part 2:

Solve a classmate’s linear equation. Include the steps showing how you arrived at the answer. Does the answer seem reasonable? Why or why not? Keep in mind that Discussion Boards are meant to be constructive exchanges. Click here to see an example.

Part 3:

Choose your favorite scenario posted by a classmate. Reply to that classmate telling them why their post is your favorite. Change their equation into an inequality. Choose the inequality (<, >, ≤, ≥) that makes sense for your classmate’s problem. How does this change transform the answer? Click here to see an example.

Note: Your responses to your classmates must be substantive and advance the Discussion. Substantive means your reply must 1) include comments specific to that particular post and 2) contain information or insight worthy of sharing with the instructor and class. Contact your instructor if you have questions about making substantive responses

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