linear correlation coefficient for females and males statistics homework help

Researchers wondered whether the size of a​ person’s brain was related to the​ individual’s mental capacity. They selected a sample of 3 females and 3 males and measured their MRI counts and IQ scores. The data is reported on the right. 

Females MRI         Females IQ          Males MRI           Males IQ

866,664                    132                       1,038,438              138

856,473                    141                       965,355                  132

991,305                   138                       949,395                   141

Treat the MRI count as the explanatory variable. Compute the linear correlation coefficient between MRI count and IQ for both the males and the females. Do you believe that MRI count and IQ are linearly​ related?

The linear correlation coefficient for females is ___

The linear correlation coefficient for males is    ___

(Round to three decimal places as needed.)

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