The art of communications cannot be understated and all leaders must have the ability to be an effective communicator. A leader must communicate not only his vision, but more importantly must clearly articulate the expectations to all associates. The importance of communication of expectations and vision provides everyone in the organization with a clear role and the importance of fruition of the vision. 

The notion of change is present in every organization. The principles of change are equally interesting and can be expressed in a number of different theories. One of the most commonly accepted is the change curve recognizing the early adopters and the laggards on the tail-end of the curve.

Please review the attached link which references several change models and choose which one you might subscribe to when faced with implementing a change. Please provide a substantive response and support why you chose the model. 


Dr.  Bulzoni

The Change Curve and How We React to Change. 


Diffusion Curve


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