language analysis project

This are the guidelines for the project, you can choose either one. I will upload all files as needed. This should be written in APA format.



Find a second language learner.  Interview this student about how they like school and what they are learning in their classes.  Have 12-20 interview questions established ahead of time, and turn these in as an appendix to the assignment.  Using the Performance Level Descriptors chart, rate the student’s speech, listening ability, and writing as Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, or Advanced High.  Write a 1 page paper discussing your analysis and what factors led you to assess this student at a particular level.  Be very specific on examples of what the student says or does in each of the categories.  Do not say, I think this student is a Beginner because they said, “huh?” or I could not understand them due to their accent.  Make your assessment based on the Performance level descriptors. I should see evidence of quotes from the participant and then compare these with specific features from the PLD rubrics to explain why the students is in a certain level.  A student may have the same level for all 3 areas, or they may be different in all 3.  Make sure to specifically discuss, speaking, listening, and writing.  You will also need to obtain a writing sample and attach this as another appendix.  You can do this by scanning it and then copying and pasting it to the last page of your paper. I will provide videos for practice several weeks before this assignment is due.  I will also show you how to use the PLDs in assessment, and what to look for in a listening assessment since this may be the hardest of the 3 to assess.  

Option 2:

*If you cannot find a second language learner to interview/assess, you may rate videos I have included here. There are 2 listening, 2 speaking, and 4 writing samples. You will need to follow the same instructions in option 1 for the rating and analysis; you just will not have to have the appendices since I have provided the samples. You will need to have very in depth, correct ratings on each section of listening, speaking, and writing. Your paper should still be at least 2 pages in length, and you will need to reference specific PLDs in your justifications.

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