Suggest at least 3 ways to improve the selected program. One of these improvements should be related to the use of thread.

Write code and test the improved program. Deliverables should include:

  • The source code file(s) of the improved program.
  • A 2- to 3-page paper on the approach the team has taken to improve the program.
  • Why some of the changes are relevant to this week’s objectives.
  • Any challenges the team encountered and suggest any future improvements.


The attached Java program must, must be improved in a minimum of 3 ways, and specific comments must be included about the improvements. 

A separate Microsoft word document of at least 2 pages must be written about the improvements. 

The Microsoft Word document with the forthcoming improvements must be submitted within 24 hours, please.

The code can be submitted up to 3 days from now.

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