Unit 2 Learning Journal (just 1 page  

Describe an example of a company or organization, not discussed previously in the course, where the focus on customer delight has a direct and long-term impact on the brand’s competitive advantage. Why did you choose this example?


Your reflective Journal article should consist of a minimum of three paragraphs, with at least four to five sentences per paragraph. The Journal must be concise, well-written, and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the question asked. This Journal exercise provides you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of this unit’s learning, and to reflect how the unit pertains to you, personally, now, and in your future career goals.

After completing this unit, you should be able to:

  • Investigate why achieving sustainable competitive advantage is key to the success of any organization—small, medium or large.
  • Examine the relationship between an effective value chain and competitive advantage.
  • Analyze how to compete based upon four key dimensions of competitiveness.
  • Investigate the value chain-financial performance link.

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