Introducing Yourselves


“Say it LOUD and be PROUD!!!!!”


” You are in the right place and at the right time.”

” Hello!!!! I am __________. Guess What? We Are in the same Class together, working in a Team Effort to Learn about Business Communications and get an “A” for the semester.”

Corporate America is made up of employees working in a team effort to achieve the goals of the business and make a profit. You will be expected to work in a team effort when turning in some assignments. In this class we will pretend like I am the President of a corporation and you are the Executives. Your classmates should be referred to as teammates or co-workers. Assignments will be considered as Work Tasks. You are to turn in the assignments according to the instructions given. Submit professional work at all times and turn in your assignments by the due dates. Please DO NOT turn in your response to the WORK TASKS WRITTEN IN TEXT LANGUAGE. At this time, Corporate America expect their executives to use correct sentence structure in official documentation (subject and verb agreement) unless otherwise stated by the company. Locate Appendix “A” in the back of your textbook to help refresh your language skills. 

You are to turn in all assignments as if you are an executive in a corporation striving to move forward. In Corporate America, “Timeliness is next to Godliness”. Do not procrastinate, be concise and to the point when responding to answers. Competition is harsh in corporate America, so be sure to follow instructions closely and turn in your best work at all times. Your Promotion and advancement within the company is in YOUR HANDS. The quality of work you turn in will determine if you get a promotion or if you get fired.


In this WORK TASK you are to use “Discussion Board” to communicate with your co-workers (classmates). To do this, you must click on the “Discussion Board” link; click on the highlighted label “Introduction”. A text box will appear, just type in your information. Be sure to type in a title in the “Title box” and follow the instructions written under “WORK TASK”. In the text box you are to include the following information about yourself:

Your full name, classification, major of interest, and your place of employment if applicable. When you have completed your introduction, click on ‘submit’. Once you submit your info, the screen will display a list of other classmates (co-workers) who have put in their information. Select two classmates (co-workers) to send a “Welcome” message to.

To post your information you simply click on ‘add a discussion topic’ then type in your response. Be sure to type in the “Title”.

Once you have posted your response you are to read two of your classmates introductions and reply to their introduction.To do this you need to click on the link to the left of their name, read their post, then click below on ‘reply’. Review the Moodle videos, as needed.

This assignment is due no later than Saturday at midnight.

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