COMM-203-V03 – Interpersonal Communication

Paper 2:  Chapters 5-7

Watch the film  “SlamNation: The Sport of Spoken Word” through Film on Demand in our HACC on line Library.  You will need to log-in to the library home page and then select “Books and Media” on the left side– then select “Films on Demand.”  You can then search for the film Or you can go to: SlamNation  You will need to login to the Library before the link will work.  Also, I’ll put the video below this link in a separate file.

For this academic paper 25- pages) you need to do the following:

1.  From each chapter, pick at least ONE theory or “key term” (found at the end of each chapter) and identify how this term is displayed in the film. If you only use one theory or key term make certain you are using a clear anlaysis and providing significant depth.  A few sentences will not meet the minimum expectations.

2.  Provide your own personal examples to compare/contrast with the Poets and use text terms/concepts to explain this analysis.  Be specific with examples from the film AND examples from your experiences connecting with text throughout!

This paper must follow MLA or APA style and guidelines throughout.  You must use this film AND your text.  You are encouraged to go outside the text and use additional academic resources from our HACC library databases. 

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