International Staffing Research Paper 

Introduction: The topic for this research paper generally describes a staffing-related functional area that is part the entire Staffing process. It is your job to zero in and create a sub-topic that is of interest or of value to you. There is a substantial list of potential sub-topics listed below this page. 

Focus: This is a research-paper assignment that addresses the realities of the global labor market. There might come a time when you will be looking outside of this country in search of a position. You might also be working in human resources and find that sourcing and recruiting job candidates is not restricted to the area around you, but you can find excellent candidates in many parts of the world. And, it is entirely possible that you are a manager working with staffing to find the best candidate for the position. As a manager, you might have some of your own ideas as to where to find these important job candidates.  

Summary: The topic for this paper is a general topic and you can take the direction around global staffing that is of the most interest and value to you as an HR professional. Produce a sub-topic that is important to you.  Take the professional perspective. The paper should be, in total, six to eight pages in length.  

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