International economics assignment help

Present the Ricardian trade model in a slideshow! Consider three points: 

  1. Briefly summarize the model. 
  2. Present and discuss a (hypothetical) numerical example of comparative advantage for the two country two good one factor case. 
  3. Summarize the empirical evidence. 


  • Post a slideshow with a maximum of five slides (plus title slide) that present your analysis.
  • Pay attention to structure and clarity of your argument; pay attention to grammar and style!
  • Carefully format the slideshow, and save it as a PDF – upload will be restricted to PDF files. (With standard slideshow programs such as Powerpoint you can “save as” PDF; if you are using TeX, for example, PDF is standard output format.) 
  • After submission and due date, you will be assigned to peer review other contributions, see this thread for more detail. 

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