international-business-it-is-sometimes-amazing-how-different-people-in-other-culture-behave-we-tend-to-have-a-human-instinct research paper (9 page minimum in APA format with at least 7 references).

for those who work in international business, it is sometimes amazing how different people in other culture behave. we tend to have a human instinct that ‘deep inside’ all people are the same but are they? Multinational organization executives , airline pilot, and entrepreneurs, etc., encounter international cultural differences.

Hofstede’s study of 5 dimensions of cross-culture, determines the behavior and personality of other people leadership roles. it examines individualism vs. collectivist; feminism vs. masculinity; power of distance; time orientation, or long term orientation , low vs. high uncertainty avoidance, etc. 66.htm Select the country below and compare and contrast these dimensions. What are some limitation in each country.

Australia compared to Iran

below I uploaded the outline for the research

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