• Introduce the topic for your final course project in a paper of approximately 500 words. Your paper should include responses to two of the following points:
  1. Which option did you choose for your project?
  2. If you chose:
    • Option 1: which two companies did you choose? Describe the nature of these businesses and explain why you chose these companies.
    • Option 2:  identify the country you chose and explain why. Include an overview of some identifying socioeconomic, political, and other important factors about that country.
    • Option 3: briefly describe the differences in Middle Eastern and Asian business perspectives. Include an overview of some common and diverse socioeconomic, political, and other important factors about these regions.
    • Option 4: identify a different topic, subject to instructor approval. Describe your topic and the region or country your project will cover. Explain why it is significant for a topic on international business.
  • Include a minimum of three sources

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