Internal Assessment

4 DQ due asap for Prof Harvey

 DQ 1} 

Internal Assessment

Using an internal assessment tool (such as SWOT), analyze St. Anthony  Medical Center’s Women’s Center and provide an executive summary and  analysis of the internal organization. You will want to focus on the  service line for labor and delivery. To gather information, it may be  helpful to visit the Web site and examine various facets of the  operation (for example, prenatal consumer service offerings,  innovations, differentiating competitive advantages, the use of social  media, and so forth). Concisely summarize your findings in the  Discussion space and, as you did for the external assessment, answer the  following question:

  • Which aspect of your assessment stood out for you? Why?

DQ 2}

Relevant Health Care Marketing Issues

Integrate the external environmental and internal organizational  analyses and, making connections to the results of that integration,  propose a concise list of relevant health care marketing issues. Share  any insights regarding critical success factors, return on investment,  and organizational viability.

Response Guidelines

Respond to your fellow learners according to the Faculty Expectations  Response Guidelines in light of your own list of health care marketing  issues. Where do you see similarities? Where do you see differences?  What do you think are the underlying causes? Be sure to support your  response with the results of your own analyses.

 DQ 3}


Benchmarking is described as “the process of collecting and analyzing  data to identify trends in performance, and, when compared with other  collectors of the same data, identifying best performers” (Youngberg,  2011, p. 24).

Consider the possibility of yourself in a new role as a risk manager.  Research risk management topics in the Capella Library or other  reputable online sources. Develop your own description of critical  success factors for the establishment of a systems-based risk management  program. This program must involve interpretation of performance data.

In your initial post to this discussion, include the following:

  • Your own description of critical success factors for the establishment of a systems-based risk management program.
  • The types of benchmarking data that are important to consider.
  • Roles within your organization that need to be involved in the proactive risk management program.
  • A short 3–5 sentence summary, with references, regarding  considerations or caution in interpretation of internal and external  benchmarking data.

An outline format is acceptable for your initial post as long as at  least one in-text APA reference is included, along with an accompanying,  congruent APA-formatted reference. Posts should be based upon  peer-reviewed, evidence-based literature; these sources do not include  those in the courseroom.


Youngberg, B. J. (2011). Principles of risk management and patient safety. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

DQ 4}

Industry Requirements and the Quest for Excellence

The foundation upon which excellence is delivered within health care  includes legal, regulatory, and industry standards, as well as  performance measurement and quality improvement. Research one of the Web  sites introduced in the study activity for this unit. They are also  linked in the Resources for your convenience.

In your initial post for this discussion:

  • Describe the material you found in your research that relates to legal, regulatory, industry, or quality content.
  • Share two or three new insights or resources that describe how to  meet a basic legal requirement versus how to strive for excellence.

Initial posts should be based upon peer-reviewed, evidence-based  literature. A minimum of one outside, peer-reviewed or quality-related  Web site is required for this post; this source is not limited to those  in our courseroom. In your initial post, include APA-formatted in-text  citations and accompanying, congruent APA-formatted references.

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