Intercultural Activity Presentation Final Submission
. For this assignment, create a 5-7 minute Adobe Connect video presentation with a visual component (PowerPoint) in which you narrate and describe an intercultural activity and experience. Complete the following for your presentation:
Engage in an intercultural activity or activities with a culture other than your own.  choose one that is new to you; however, you must choose a different culture than the one from whom you interviewed someone in Unit 5. Some suggestions for activities to engage in include:
Eating at an ethnic restaurant.
Visiting a courthouse, jail, military installation, school, retirement home, and other ethnically-diverse institution.
Visiting a part of town that is culturally different.
Visiting or attending a service of another world religion.
Attending a celebration or an ethnically diverse craft fair.
Going to a shop that is associated with a particular ethnic group.
Visiting a school that teaches ESL (English as a Second Language) or ELL (English Language Learners).
Visiting an international student organization at a college or university.
Visiting or socializing with people from other cultures.
To add perspective and context to your presentation, gather resources such as informal interviews with people from the respective culture, corresponding text readings and articles, Web sites, and media presentations.
In your presentation, specifically address the following, using examples and illustrations from your intercultural experience(s) and the resources you collected:
Compare the culture you engaged in with your own.
Discuss the potential impact cultural differences have on communication.
Analyze how nonverbal communication affects intercultural communication.
Summarize your thoughts, questions, and viewpoints regarding your experience.
Analyze why you chose specific experiences to share.
Include a written transcript with your video presentation.

Assignment Requirements
Written Communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA Formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA style and formatting.
Presentation Length: Your presentation should be 5-7 minutes, but it may go longer if necessary.
Audio Transcript: Include an accurate Word transcript of your Adobe Connect video.

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