Week 5 Case Study – Business Case: Social Customer Service (attached)

Each case study consists of a formal summary of the case in question along with answers to several follow-up questions that will be provided by the professor. A case study will touch on aspects of the case, including causes, factors, stakeholders, and possible solutions to the problem at hand. Your paper should perform a critical analysis on the study and should primarily be in your own words, but you may cite the book as needed. You must include at least three other additional outside peer-reviewed sources to help support the claims in the case study. These sources, along with the case study, should be properly cited in APA format. Failure to properly cite material may severely affect your grade.

When you write papers for this class, please note that I expect you to summarize the articles in your own words, not cut and paste the text from the article and submit it. The purpose of the articles is to encourage you to read current material about the subjects, assimilate it, and be able to summarize it in your own words. Copying an article and submitting it as your work is plagiarism and is against school and class rules. Individuals found plagiarizing material will receive an F and face possible Academic Dishonesty charges.

Additional requirements:

  • Paper must be minimum of 1,000 words and 2-3 sources cited properly in APA. 
  • Please see the rubric for Case Study guidelines
  • Submit all questions in one Word document
  • Answer each question separately and please number your answers.

Please write a formal summary of the case “BEFORE” proceeding to answer the questions below:

  1. How does social media represent a threat to companies who limit their customer support services to traditional channels?
  2. When customers have a negative experience with a company, what are the various ways they can use social media to tell others about their experience?
  3. Explain why companies can no longer afford to limit their customer service to traditional channels (e.g., call centers).
  4. What are some of the frustrations customers encounter when seeking customer service support from a company?

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