information and project management: PROMOTE PUBLIC TRANSPORT You are expected to submit a relevant Project Proposal, including viable project planning documents, by…

information and project management: PROMOTE PUBLIC TRANSPORT You are expected to submit a relevant Project Proposal, including viable project planning documents, by 15 th May 2013. The team who present the best project – in terms of expected benefits, feasibility, rational use of resources and quality of planning – will receive up to £20,000 for implementation of the project for the period from May to November 2013. In addition to this, our commercial partner ACME Inc. – producer of microcontrollers and embedded systems – offers their equipment worth up to £40,000 for the team who would propose a good application of their products. The competition is available for small companies and charities (project teams of size 3 to 4). No previous business experience is required, so start-ups are welcome. The main requirements are: 1. Project must apply an advanced Information Technology, including but not limited to web applications, networking, digital business, multimedia solutions, mobile computing and embedded systems, to promote or support Public Transportation system – either through directly engaging or encouraging existing or potential passengers, or through enhancing or enriching the existing system to make it more attractive to the public. 2. You have to cover for at least 50% of the project budget, and bid for the remainder to the Council. Your total budget (including the subsidy) must not exceed £60,000 and the maximum bid is £20,000. On top of these you can apply for special equipment from ACME Inc. (worth up to £40,000). 3. You must provide a viable plan and indicate how you would maintain the long-term return on investment and develop your organisation. 4. The project must ensure sustainable benefit to the local community in terms of, for example, increasing satisfaction with their transportation system. 5. Transport systems include: bus network, trains, underground, cabs and river boats. 6. The project must be up and running within 6 months (May – November) and enable a new long-term venture to become self-supporting after an initial period of up to 12 months. In justified cases these deadlines may be negotiated individually. 7. Ideally, the project should operate within the authority area of the Council, or may address even a smaller area. If the project provides facilities, services or products outside the area of authority of the Council, it is only acceptable if no additional Council funds are engaged. You may act on your own, or liaison with local organisations, either governmental or non-governmental. Your project may aim at providing facilities, equipment or services, providing advice or information, raising awareness, increasing membership, raising funds, engaging in activities, funding grants or other, similar. 1. Project scope Mandatory in Project Report (1st online submission) This should include:  The products or results to be produced (Deliverables)  Expected sustainable benefits that will result from this project  Any assumptions on which the project is based  The current scope and limitations (if applicable)  Stakeholders analysis  Key project requirements  Unless you provide Project Budget as a separate deliverable, outline how the project will be kept within the budget and how return on investment could be maintained. 2. Analysis of strategic implications of the project, using SWOT This deliverable is only applicable for Project Report (1stonline submission) This should be a strategic analysis of the organization (not the project). Special care must be taken to properly identify strengths and opportunities, weaknesses and threats
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