Industry Healthcare short discussion help

Review the internship activity in Chapter 12, “Industry: Healthcare” (this can be found in the “Read, Study, Practice” section of Chapter 12 in WileyPLUS). After reading this, use references from the activity and independent online research to discuss the following prompts: 

Chad from Anniston Orthopedics is looking for help in Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard best practices. Research BI dashboard best practices online and create a post that helps us better understand an important aspect of the role of BI dashboards in business analytics. 

In response to your peers’ posts, consider the impact of the aspect they selected to address on the overall role of BI dashboards in business analytics. How might the practices be used or improved upon to ensure that the data the dashboard provides is organized and presented as information that end users can base decision-making upon in an organization?

In addition to writing the discussion I also need responses. 

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