For this activity, you need to visit a playground in either a park or schoolyard.

Your task is to evaluate the outdoor play environment to determine if it supports physical growth for those in early and middle childhood in a safe and secure way.

Select three pieces of equipment that allow children to engage in different types of play.

First, for each piece of equipment:

  1. Indicate the specific types of gross motor skills for each age group that are developed by using it. (NOTE: Do not confuse terms for early and middle childhood skills.)
  2. Determine what, if any, fine motor skills are being developed for each age group. (Again, do not confuse early and middle childhood skills.)
  3. Specify which senses are being stimulated.
  4. Name the type of play for which the child uses it.
  5. Next, consider what materials were used to make the piece of equipment and what is on the ground under it (e.g., sand, grass, or concrete). Is it safe or not? Explain.

In your essay: a) name each piece of equipment; b) indicate the type of play (it can be more than one type) in which children may engage; c) specify the type of gross and fine motor skills it enhances; d) name the type of materials (e.g., steel or plastic) used in its construction; and e) evaluate whether or not it is safe (and be sure to justify your reasons).

In addition to developing a 2-3 page paper based on the above instructions, include an accompanying slide presentation consisting of 2-3 slides in PowerPoint or comparable format. The presentation will include a summary of your written work and detail your recommendations on each piece of equipment, the type of play in which children may engage; the type of gross and fine motor skills the prescribed equipment enhances, and the name the type of materials (e.g., steel or plastic) used in its construction. Be creative in your slides and include speaker’s notes or a script for each slide. You may optionally choose to include audio commentary (instead of notes) and/or relevant graphics.


  • Write a 2-3 page paper based on the above instructions, not counting the required title and reference pages.
  • Format your paper according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.
  • Support your analysis with at least three scholarly references, which may include resources from this course. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these sources.

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