Answer the questions in space provided. (150 word minimum response)

  1. In your own words State Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. (150 word minimum response)
  2. Explain one way evidence from living species gives clues about evolution.(150 word minimum response)
  3. Explain why the conditions of Hardy­Weinberg equilibrium are unlikely to be met in real life.(150 word minimum response)
  4. Distinguish between gradualism and punctuated equilibrium. (150 word minimum response)

Evolution is the change in gene frequency in a population. Over long periods of time these changes will result in new species. 



In this exercise you will conduct simulations to help you better understand evolutionary processes and examine some of the evidence for evolution.

Inorder to complete the lab you will need to visit each link and carefully read all of the information contained in each link, take notes and make important observations, complete any mini-labs and answer any questions asked in each link. All of the information will need to be included in your lab report. Your answers to the assessment questions will placed at the end of the lab report.

  • Right click on the link below and open in a new tab or window.
  • Complete the lab activities.

Geological Time Scale

In your lab report you should decribe the plant and animal life for the time periods listed below. In 

your descriptions included how many miilions of years ago the Era is thought to have occured.

  • Pleistocene Epoch of the Cenozoic Era
  • Jurassic Period of the Mesozoic Era 
  • Ordovician Period of the Paleozoic Era
  • Precambrian Time

How to Identify Fossil types.

Using the information you gathered from your research on the Geological Time Scale website, complete the following table, and include it in the results section of your lab report. Click on each name for more information. Use your text or Internet resources to complete the following table. (If you use any source outside of the textbook, include a reference section in your report with a list of each web source. Also please put any information used in your own words, or it will be considered plagiarism.)

Fossil Era Period Age – Million of Years Ago (MYA)
Saber-toothed Cat





Tyrannosaurua Rex


Trilobite A
Trilobite B
Trilobite C

Comparative Anatomy

Below is the body plan for mammals. All mammals have variations of this body plan. Comparing the anatomy of various mammals reveals their similarities. These similarities or homologies provide evidence for evolution. Evolution often works by taking existing structures and modifying them to make an organism more adapted to his environment.

Complete the mammal skeleton chart below by properly identify the parts 1-5 and include the table in your results section of the lab report.

Identify the following parts.

1. _______________
2. _______________
3. _______________
4. _______________
5. _______________

Skull, Vertebrae, Pectoral Girdle, Pelvic Girdle,

Key Points To Remember
1. Unless you are asked for a list, ALL answers to the questions should be written in complete sentences, utilizing proper lesson vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation.
2. If you are asked to draw any images for an assignment, pictures from the internet will not be accepted as a substitute.
3. If you have to complete a virtual lab, all labs require a complete and properly formatted lab report. A link to a sample report can be found in the lesson folder; a second report outline is also located on the lab assignment page.

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