In the technology industry standardization is a very important area programming assignment help

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In the technology industry, standardization is a very important area of concern because it enables easy securing of system, portability of technological solutions, uniformity in operational and security approach, good ergonomics etc. While there are numerous standards out there, it is important to align to widely recognized and accepted standards in order to meet legal, consumers, ethical, and well as industry standard needs. More so, when it comes to security, the success or failure of Red Clay Renovations depends highly on how best it secures its systems and in order to do this, it has to align to some standards.

The ISO/IEC 27001 family of standards helps an organization like Red Clay to keep information assets secure. Aligning to these standards helps an organization manage security of important assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee data, and information entrusted to it by third parties and in this case, most of the installations done in the home renovations business carry third party requirements.  Generally, these standards provide requirements for an information security management system (ISMS) and adopting it is a strategic move for any organization (International Organization for Standardization, 2014). Establishing and implementing it helps connect needs to outcomes, in particular security requirements. ISMS, is primarily important when it comes to confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information as it is based on a risk management process and to the outside parties e.g. governments and customers, it gives them confidence that information security risks have been addressed.  

For Red Clay, it is important that the information security management, which is the core of this standard, is integrated into its processes and overall management structure as one cannot dissociate technology from security. When dealing with smart homes, this means having widespread technologies that can help in addressing the need. This standard can be used by both internal and external parties to analyze Red Clay’s ability to meet its IS requirements and for many contemporary consumers and business partners, this is not something that they can ignore. On the general, Red Clay’s future financial success can be tied to its implementation of this security standard.  

This standard is equally great for the business because it specifies requirements for maintaining and continuously improving an information security system and this cannot be ignored (Saint-Germain, 2012). Additionally, the standard includes requirements for assessing and treating information security risks which are tailored for the organization’s needs, in this case smart home industry. It is important to add that as competition increases within the industry, so does consumer, government, and business partner watch on security focus and this is a reason why it is important to align with this standard.  This new standard is an improvement of earlier standard in some ways such as it puts more emphasis on measurement of evaluation of the wellness ISMS performance and also includes information on outsourcing and how it can affect the overall security structure of an organization and how best an organization can protect its information assets against such a risks hence, it is a very important standard for Red Clay to adopt in order to remain relevant as well as guarantee its customers, investors, and government of its commitment to secure information security systems.

Lastly, this standard is also technical as it recommends ways in which some management concepts such as Six Sigma method can be implemented with reference to security systems. Like other ISO standards, it is not mandatory to implement this standard. However, in order to benefit from best industry standards contained in this certification, reassure customers and clients, in addition to ensure information security, it is important to implement this standard.


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