Identify and break down All aspects of the problem and problem Solving management homework help

Throughout this course, you have explored the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention. Each aspect of the model has been discussed in length so that you have a good understanding of how to use this model. You have learned to ask appropriate questions, create rapport, convey empathy, consider ethical concerns, identify and break down all aspects of the problem, and problem-solve with a client to develop effective new coping strategies.

Click to see the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention.

For this Assignment, you will pick one of the case studies provided and using the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention, write a six-page paper on how you as a crisis intervention worker will help the person who comes into your office with a crisis. Remember you can refer to the text on page 60 as your guide for discussing your intervention with the client.

Be sure to address the following in your written assignment as you apply the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention to the case study:

1.  Developing rapport and trust

2.  Identifying and breaking down the problem

A.  Precipitating event

B.  Perception of the event

C.  Subjective distress

D.  Impairment in functioning

3.  Identifying and explaining any ethical concerns

4.  Identifying any other conditions that are of concern

5.  Providing therapeutic interventions

6.  Making suggestions for coping

Be sure to use specific information from the text to support your answers. When referencing the text, APA formatting must be used. Information regarding APA formatting can be found in the Writing Center and should be reviewed thoroughly. APA formatting dictates how your paper should appear on each page.

Your Assignment should include:

·  An introduction and a conclusion

·  An APA-formatted title page

·  A body length of a minimum of 6 pages (minimum of 8 pages including title page and reference page)

·  An APA-formatted reference page with in-text citations

In addition, make sure you:

·  Use standard margins: 1″ on all sides

·  Use standard 12-point font size

·  Use standard double-spacing

·  Use left-aligned text; do not right-justify


. Mr. Jones: The Fragile Adult John is concerned about his neighbor Mr. Jones. He reports that he no longer sees Mr. Jones out in his yard. He knows that there is the son who comes in daily to check on Mr. Jones but for some reason, John feels something is not right. John admits that due to his concern he has tried to visit with Mr. Jones when the son is not there but is no longer asked to come into the house. This is very strange behavior according to John because he and Mr. Jones used to meet in the morning for coffee at a little restaurant in the neighborhood. Mr. Jones has not been at the restaurant for over two months. The last time John did see Mr. Jones, he thought he saw a bruise on his face. John is here today in hopes that a Crisis Worker will make a home visit to see what is going on.

IT STATES TO REFER IN THE TEXT ON PAGE 60 AS A GUIDE FOR DICUSSION THE INTERVENTION WITH MY CLIENT AN EXAPLE. Please go in the text  My USER NAME is glochaanthony1 MY PASSWORD IS Grandson2012  MY Class Is PREVENTION and CRISIS INTERVENTION  Unit 9 click on the unit 9 box the look to the right when the next page comes up and click on the assignment. Here is the ABC model CHART from pg 59 chapter 9 of the text. TABLE 3.2 ABC Model of Crisis Intervention

A: Use of Basic Attending Skills to Develop and Maintain Rapport

Attending behaviors

Open-ended and appropriate close-ended questions

Paraphrasing and clarifying

Reflection of feelings


B: Identifying the Nature of the Crisis and Therapeutic Interaction

Identify the precipitating event

Identify and explore cognitions

Identify emotional distress

Identify impairments in functioning: behaviorally, socially, academically, occupationally

Ethical checks:

Suicide, homicide, organic issues, psychosis, substance abuse, child abuse, elder abuse

Therapeutic interaction statements:

Educational, empowerment, validation, reframes

C: Coping Strategies

Explore what client wants to do now to cope

Explore how client has tried in the past to cope

Explore other things client can do to cope

Offer alternative strategies for coping:

Support groups

Twelve-step groups

Marital or family therapy




Reel therapy

Assertion training

Stress management

Shelters or other agencies

Secure commitment and follow up


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