i need 3 algebra questions answered tomorrow 1 very long

1.)-Read the following instructions in order to complete this discussion, and review the example of how to complete the math required for this assignment:

-Read about Cowling’s Rule for child sized doses of medication (number 92 on page 119 of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra).

-Solve parts (a) and (b) of the problem using the following details indicated by your assigned number:


-adult dose 75mg Tamiflu; 4 year old child   1200mg adult, 600mg child


**********SEE ATTACHED EXAMPLE********

Explain what the variables in the formula represent and show all steps in the computations.

Incorporate the following five math vocabulary words into your discussion. Use bold font to emphasize the words in your writing (Do not write definitions for the words; use them appropriately in sentences describing your math work.):

 -Literal equation




 -Conditional equation



2.)  today only, a table is being sold for $110.40. This is 24% of its regular price. What was the price yesterday?


3.) To rent a certain meeting room, a college charges a reservation fee of $45 and an additional fee of $5.80 per hour. The film club wants to spend at most $ 79.80 on renting the   meeting room.

What are the possible amounts of time for which they could rent the meeting room? Use t

for the number of hours the meeting room is rented, and solve your inequality for t.


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