i have calculated answers steps b c i need help step d onlyplease answer

I have calculated the answers to Steps A, B & C. I need help with Step D only. Please answer STEP D 1. When 50. mL of 0.50 M formic acid is titrated with 0.50 M sodium hydroxide, calculate the pH: a) before any of the titrant (NaOH solution) is added, (Answer to this step is pH =2.04) b) after 15.0 mL of the titrant has been added, (Answer to this step is pH =3.40) c) when half of the formic acid has been neutralized, and (Answer to this step is pH =3.77) d) at the equivalence point (be sure to account for the change in volume at each step) and select a good indicator for this titration.
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