Human deveopment discussion post

You have learned about stage development theories all semester.  You have had ample opportunities, through various assignments, to collect data and interpret what stage individuals are in and which theory you applied to this stage.  This week for our last DB Post, you are to interpret which stage and theory you are currently in.  It is easy to watch others and determine these things; but for a good clinician, it is important to be self-aware as well.  To get maximum points, point out a theory and the stage. 




I am in the young adulthood stage and I am generation Y. I am married with 2 children, working full-time and taking 9 hours this semester. A theory that I can relate to at this point in my life would be Goulds evolution of adult consequence, I’m nobody’s baby now.

Finish the post I started above, it must be 150-200 words and include a thought provoking question at the end.

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