HTML5 and CSQ3 computer science homework help

Instructions Using only HTML5 and CSS3, you are to create a web page named resume.html containing your resume. Below is an example of information that you can have on your resume. However, you can choose what you want to include, add, or remove. 

1. Full name. IMPORTANT: For privacy reasons, please do not list your addresses or telephone numbers.

 2. Education

 3. Relevant Coursework

 4. Professional Experience 

5. For each job, list accomplishments (in the past­tense if you no longer work at the job; in the present­tense if you are currently employed at the job) using bullets­points, an unordered list 

6. Skills 

7. Activities (that are related to your field of study or work) You must also adhere to the following important guidelines: Your must use at least one

 (1) CSS files for styling. The CSS files must have at least five (5) rule​s.

 Grading standards 

You can choose any combination of features to reach 100 points. It is worth 20% of your final grade. 


1. Author information (Required;​ can be a link to your resume assignment)  A picture of the student (3 points)  Working e­mail address (2 points)

 2. Use CSS files having at least 5 rules. (Required;​ 20 points) 

3. Formatting outside of the CSS fie (1 point for each formatting feature, maximum of 8 points) Centering, boldfacing, and other formatting should be used to enhance the Web pages

 4. Structural Element (e.g. article, aside, footer, nav, section) (3 points each, maximum 6 points) 

5. Special Characters (1 point each; maximum 3 points)

 6. (Hypertext links)  Anchor names and links inside a page (total of 4 points)  Links to the internet (total of 2 points)  Links using hotspots or image map. (total of 5 points)

 7. Usage of metadata (1 point per meta element; maximum 3 points)

 8. Colors: Usage of hexadecimal, rgb, or basic color naming to define color (2 points each; maximum 6 points) Color enhancement using hsla or rgba (3 points each, maximum of 6 points) 

9. Graphics (2 points each; maximum 4 points) 

10. Contextual Structure in the CSS file (5 points each; maximum 10 points) 

11. Attribute selector using an id or class in the CSS file (4 points each; maximum 12 points) 

12. Styling text using elements shown on the demo site (2 points each; maximum 6 points) 

13. Ordered/Unordered list (2 points each; maximum 4 points) Changing the list style type (3 points each; maximum 6 points) 

14. Pseudo­class or pseudo­element (5 points each; maximum 10 points) 

15. Comment (2 points) 

16. Originality (10 points) 

17. Box Model (2 points per property (i.e. padding, border, margin; maximum 12 points) 

18. Background­Image (3 points; maximum 3 points) 19. Usage of overflow (2 points; maximum 4 points) 

Submitting the Assignment Submit all files used for your project to Blackboard using a zip file named in the format

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