hr3 1

I have 2 question please number it for me and I want it with in 1 hrs. I don’t need word counting just complete the question

First is The Force Field Analysis Model is one of the most famous in change management. It was originally developed by Kurt Lewin and can be found in Chapter 5 at the end of the chapter (printed page 151). Review this model and relate it to an issue in your organization or your associations outside of work. Define how understanding the “forces for” and the “forces against” inter-relate. What insights did you get from the analysis?

Second is below after you read you have to say I agree or disagree because…
I work for Chicago Transit Authority, I see the benefit of using this theory to make change much more easier. Management don’t really understand the best way to administer change in the workplace. For example, CTA bought new trains about seven years ago. The didn’t involve any of the maintenance personnel to offer any input to the innovation of these new trains. They could have assumed the “forces against” this change would be that most of the maintenance people didn’t have a network background, since the requirements for working on the older trains didn’t require that level of training. The “forces for” could have been that these maintenance personnel has knowledge of working on the older cars, where the newer cars are similar, all except the networking systems. If they would have acted proactively in training the crew on the networking system, the change would have went over smoother. Instead the change is chaotic and people feel as though their jobs are being outsourced.


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