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1. How would you apply being information literate to your personal, professional, and education life?  What do you think about the article? 

2. What about the article you read.  The article is almost two years old, do you believe the topic is being discussed in colleges/ universities? How are colleges/universities trying to address this issue? 

the article they are referring to:

Information literacy is the ability to identify a need for information and successfully locate, evaluate, and use that information ethically and legally for a determined purpose. An individual who is educated can effectively consume both professional and personal information for empowerment. Information literacy is important in all areas of life. Being information literate can help you research schools to find the one that’s best for your child, find the right sources to determine whether a folk remedy is a valid treatment for illness, compare products critically to find the best value, and think creatively to solve problems.

The internet is one of the many sources of getting information but people should not only rely on the internet because credibility of such information is hard to verify. Students more so, should also visit libraries and read newspapers and magazines to get information. The internet is mostly loved by students because of its easy accessibility. There are four main skills needed to be information literate which are critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, and higher-order thinking (“At Sea in a Deluge of Data,”). Critical thinking helps us to be conscious consumers and be able to examine information presented to us before making a decision. For example, when a research tells us that a certain medicine has been proven to treat a certain disease, instead of running out to buy that medicine, by using critical thinking you will ask yourself some questions like; are there any side effects of the drug and the long term effects of using it are.

A buyer who is literate and sophisticated will use more tools of critical thinking in the decision making process. Critical thinking uses inference, evaluation and analysis, explanation, interpretation, and self-regulation as the set of skills required to determine if an information source is valuable. Persons who are information literate use critical thinking skills when taking in information by assessing a source for its fairness and accuracy. With the amount of information we are exposed to on a daily basis, we need strong reasoning skills to determine fact from fiction. This is where critical thinking comes in. Critical thinkers are skeptical and do not simply accept all the arguments and conclusions they encounter. Instead, they question these arguments and conclusions, wanting to see the evidence involved. Critical thinkers think aggressively and tactically about the information they come across by using a set of skills.

Improving your information skills is important in the pursuit of knowledge because it promotes thinking and decision making skills and also problem solving approaches. It helps in empowering students to learn for themselves and equip them to succeed in their careers. The bottom line is that no matter what industry you work in (healthcare, government, education, business, and so on), knowing how to integrate and use a variety of information from
various digital and print sources is a necessity. Sticking to what you know in the workplace
may feel comfortable. However, stepping outside your comfort zone and working to increase
your workplace information literacy skills can have positive effects for you and the organization you work for (Von Winckelmann, 2015). 


Head, Alison J., and John Wihbey. “At Sea in a Deluge of Data.” The Chronicle of Higher Education. N.p., 07 July 2014. Web. 11 May 2016.

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