How does the separation of powers influence American politics? Give at least two examples and elaborate on them.

I will need this is in the following format:

-word document

-twelve pitch

-double spaced

-at least 2 pages

-insert footnotes as needed

-additional page listing all sources

 please include a sentence or two as to how the separation of powers influences American politics.  Two points that we discussed in class were 1)The separation of powers creates antagonisms between the executive and the legislative, and both branches of government run against each other during campaign season, often blaming one another for the problems affecting the country; 2)Although the President is the head of his political party, the separation of powers makes it difficult for him/her to control the behavior of his/her party’s members in Congress.  This is due to the different constitutional duties of the President and the Congress, and, as such, their priorities will differ despite the fact that they are of the same political party

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