How did the outliers impact the mean and median How did they impact the histogram powerpoint assignment help

Createa 5- to 7-minute PowerPoint®presentation including:

  • One slide on your topic and question (approximately 1 minute).
    • Which topic and question did you choose?
    • Why does it interest you?
  • One to 2 slides of your visuals (approximately 2-3 minutes).
    • These should be clear, neat, organized, and labeled.
    • How do these visuals support your conclusion?
  • One slide for a conclusion (approximately 1 minute).
    • Restate your topic and question and give your answer to the question.
    • Discuss how your topic and question relate to your degree program.
    • Discuss what you learned from this project.
    • Include detailed speaker notes for each slide.
  • Explain why you chose to create these and what you can conclude from the visuals.

Considerthe following questions when creating your speaker notes:

  • How did the outliers impact the mean and median?  How did they impact the histogram?
  • How would they describe the shape of their histogram? Is it skewed? 
  • Which do they think is a better measure of central tendency, median or mean? Why?
  • How would they describe how spread out their data is?  What did they calculate or which visual supports their conclusion on how spread out the data is?

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Below I have also uploaded 2 of my assignments for the previuos weeks dealing with the signature assignment

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