• List the TOP 10 hotel groups in the world and their brands.
  • Segment the hotel brands for each group by identifying the type of hotel. (e.g., luxury, midscale, economy, etc.)

According to the STR report, hotels are segmented in the following class:


Upper Upscale


Upper Midscale



  • Choose 1 hotel group. Describe the key difference of each hotel brand for that hotel group and identify which market segment each hotel brand targets toward to.
  • Select a hotel brand that you would like to work for the Marketing department (this should be from your summary above). Then do a search for a marketing department position for that hotel brand that most interests you and list the key responsibilities and requirements for that position.
  • Reference list

· Assignments should not be research base style or essay style and thus, APA style reference formatting is not required. Instead students need to answer each bullet point to receive full points. It is perfectly fine to use the Internet as your resource for assignments as long as each source is listed in the reference list. 

Thank you!

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