Home Depot Wk 2 ECA Part 1 Company Selection assignment help


Select a publicly traded U.S. corporation you would like to study this semester. I will demonstrate by providing a thread with my selected company. Additionally, I provided a list of suggested companies that will meet our needs.

Company Selection: Home Depot

Your corporation must:
  > traded on the US open stock market

  > not a service, bank or finance corporation
  > have an Accounts Receivable

  > have an Inventory for resale

Your corporation may NOT:
  > be the same corporation you used for projects in any other class
  > be the same corporation a classmate selected (this means first come first serve)


  > Students must “Start a New Thread” to provide their company’s information. The subject line of that new thread must contain, “Company Name – by Student Name.” Where it says company name: that is the name of the company that the student is selecting. Where it says student name: that is the student’s name who is posting the new thread. Enter the required information into the text entry box, no attachments will be accepted.

  > Provide page numbers for all four required financial statements for the most recent year: (This information with be found in Item 8 of the SEC 10-K report.)
  >> Income Statement

  >> Balance Sheet

  >> Statement of Stockholders’ Equity

  >> Statement of Cash Flows

  > See APA requirements at the end of this page. Provide direct links to your corporation’s SEC 10K report used within the sources consulted. A direct link is a hyper link that takes you directly to these SEC 10K report. If your company only presents their financial reports using an “active” link (this means that the financial reports are not presented in the SEC 10-K annual report itself) then you must provide that url as well.

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