History of life biology lab report help


  1. 1.Visit http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/paleo/fossils/ and read about the types of fossils and fossil preservation.
  2. 2.Visit a number of websites (a few starters are listed below) that deal with the topic of the history of life on Earth. Gather (and cite!) information and images to allow you to prepare a virtual poster session.(A powerpoint) 

In your chosen project form, you will need to detail the classification of the group of creatures. Required elements include: the time of first occurrence(how many millions of years ago did it arrive, when was it most diverse (when did it thrive). If it is extinct, tell me why. If it is still alive, tell me the features it has that made it survive so long.) Tell me its evolutionary history. Did it evolve from something? What evolved from it? Who is it related to? Classify it from Kingdom to species. Include images and photos.

Other Resources:

Tour of geologic time, University of California, Berkeley Museum of Paleontology

 PALAEOS: The Trace of Life on Earth

*Some search keywords: geologic time, fossil history, fossil record

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