Objective: Explain the content and purpose of Equal Employment Opportunity laws

Everyone should have a fair chance at a job if that person has the qualifications. It is against the law, or illegal, not to get a job because you are a minority worker, or from a smaller group of people. You may not be denied a job because of race, religion, age, sex, or national origin (country of birth). Equal Employment Opportunity means that everyone gets an equal chance at a job. 

Job discrimination happens when people are not treated fairly or equally at work. This is also known as prejudice. Job discrimination is also against the law, or illegal. A person cannot be treated differently because of their race, religion, age, sex, or national origin. 

There are also Child Labor Laws protecting minors from hazardous situations on the job and limiting the work hours for students and minors. Sometimes state and federal labor laws are different. When this happens, the federal laws usually apply. If you have a question about Child Labor Laws, you should contact the Department of Labor. 

All workers have rights to equal employment opportunities.
You should know these rights. How you are treated at work should depend only on your work performance. 

Lesson 10 Review

Directions: Using research found on the internet and in your local library, write an information essay of about 200 words about the history of Equal Employment Opportunities. Here is a site to get you started:


Don’t forget to cite any sources that you use in your essay.

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