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Nurses have to deal with different cultures on daily basis. Therefore, it is very important to have knowledge of the different types of cultures. We might not agree with the patients’ beliefs, but we need to try and respect them. If the nurses are not familiar with these cultures it can lead to communication problems and mistrust between the nurse and patient. 

As stated in “Culture Competence in Nursing Practice” Non-verbal and verbal communication are key components in providing culturally congruent care. Because words and phrases may have different connotations. For example, “just now” means “later” in South Africa. Eye contact is a sign of respect in American and European cultures. In this article it also stated that it could be a sign of disrespect in Asia and Muslim cultures. There are different meanings in gesture as well. “Thumbs up” here in America means it good but in Islamic and Asian it’s an insult.

Always assess yourself and your patients’ beliefs prior to care planning. We need to begin with self- assessment to promote a positive outcome.

According to “Culture Competence in Nursing Practice” the following acronym may be helpful to becoming culturally competent.: 

C: Care enough to learn about your patient’s and family’s cultural values, and beliefs.

A: Always complete a thorough cultural assessment of your patients and do your best to provide  culturally congruent care.

R: Realize that many people develop their own unique culture, beliefs and values

E: Evaluate your own beliefs and try not to judge others for their cultural beliefs and practices.

A nurse needs to have knowledge, good attitude and good communication skills to become cultural competence.


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