Healthcare Technology and Financing assignment help

Healthcare Delivery Systems

Healthcare Technology and Financing

Read chapters 5 and 6. Answer the questions in your own words (typing sentences directly from your text will not be accepted) and paste your answers in the drop box or upload your word document. Substantive answers are necessary to receive full points for the assignment.

  1. Define each of four main areas of IT healthcare system applications.
  2. Summarize the impact of medical technology in each of the following areas and give examples:
    • quality of care
    • quality of life
    • healthcare costs
    • access to healthcare
    • structure & processes of healthcare delivery
    • global medical practice.
  3. Describe each type of private insurance listed in your text including Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP.
  4. Describe each type of reimbursement method listed in chapter 6.
  5. What is meant by technology assessment? What is the main practical use or objective of assessment?

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