I have a project about Health Information Technology (HIT or Health IT).

The outline is below and I need to write 20 pages with at least 20 academic references in text and at the end.

This is a master level paper and have to be high quality writing with references. 

NO Copy and Past at ALL.

The outline can have some small changes if you have some new ideas, but I prefer to stay with this outline.


1.  Introduction – – (1-2 pages)

2.  Healthcare in the USA (4-6 pages)

a.  Current status

b.  Cost and Benefits

c.  Buyer

d.  How it is work

e.  Challenges

3.  Health Information Technology (HIT) – –  (12-15 pages)

a.  What is HIT?

b.  Components of HIT

c.  How it is work

d.  Why is HIT Useful/Necessary?

e.  Advantages and disadvantages

f.  Types

g.  Examples of HIT

h.  Privacy and Security

i.  HIT Tools / Devices

j.  Cost and Benefits of  HIT

k.  Policies and Procedures

4.  Conclusion  – (1-2 pages)

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