To assist in this, I need someone who has or can get access to the textbook “Great Traditions in Ethics” 12e, ISBN-13:97849509498-2. It absolutely must be this exact book since I need to offer one direct quote from chapter 12 and explain it. This is not a paper so no need for a reference page. Simply answers to the questions below. It doesn’t have to be anything long or really involved. Just make sure the page number for the quote is noted. Thank you. 

Discussions are designed for students to critically respond to, and demonstrate an understanding of, the reading for the assigned week.

This thread will refer to Kant’s ethical theory in Chapter 12: Duty and Reason beginning on page 142 

Our job this week is to do the following:

 1. What do you think Kant’s primary argument is?

 2. Offer one direct quote from the text and try, in your own words, to explain it. Please indicate page number of quote. (This is what we might call a truth claim – Kant is claiming that this is true)

a. Try to use an example to help you – Your example should be universal not personal.

 3. Offer a counter claim – in other words – imagine you are in dialogue/conversation with Kant. How would you respond?

 5. This week try to offer a counter argument (See the Writing to Reason text to help you). A counter argument is a series of statements/premises that lead to a logical conclusion that prove your claim from # 4 to be true. (Hint your arguments should begin with words like – therefore and because)

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