Please complete the following problems with 150 words each  12 font times roman citations  and references>

Chapter 7 – Social Stratification

1.  give a detailed discussion and analysis of Functionalism Theory of Social Stratification.

2.  discuss and give a detailed analysis of Conflict Theory of Social Stratification.

3.  discuss in detail Weber’s “3 Dimensions of Social Stratification”

4.  discuss in detail the Concentration and Disparity of Wealth in America.  Give a detailed analysis of the inequality of income distribution in our society (Give specific attention to Family Income Distribution).

5.   in detail, define and discuss the concept of Poverty and the Poverty Line in American Society.

Chapter 8 – Race and Ethnicity

1.   give a detailed discussion and analysis of the 3 Definitions of Race and the concept of Ethnicity.

2.  define and discuss in detail, the 6 Patterns of Intergroup Relations.

3.  define and analyze the concepts of prejudice, discrimination, stereotypes and the –Isms.

Chapter 13 – Population and Urbanization

1.   define demography and discuss how it relates to the new Malthusians and the Anti-Mathusians.  Using Hans Rosling’s (Chapter 13 – Part 3) and Peter Diamandis’ (Chapter 13 – Part 7) TED lectures, explain why the population of the least industrialized nations is growing so fast.  How does that compare to our American population and other industrialized nations?

2.   discuss the 4 Models of Urban growth.  Give examples of each model.

3.  summarize U. S. urban patterns and discuss the decline and revitalization of U. S. Cities.

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