finance only please 1

Current Asset Management and Financing”

1.       •Analyze the revenue cycle and receivables management to determine the greatest financial challenge facing small clinics and individual health care providers, as well as what steps could be taken to address that challenge.

2.       •Briefly describe a health care organization of your choice and the pros and cons of the alternatives available for short-term financing. Provide specific examples to support your rationale.

3.       •Research has shown that about 90% of the information contained in financial statements can be obtained using just 10 carefully selected ratios. Assume you are limited to a mere three ratios. Select a health care organization and discuss which three ratios you would select when conducting an analysis on that organization. Explain your rationale.

4.       •Assess the limitations of financial ratio and operating indicator analysis discussed in Chapter 17 to determine what other limitations the authors of the text may have overlooked and how they could be addressed.

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