file servers and set access permission conditions computer science homework help

You’re the IT administrator for CSM Tech Publishing and have been given a new project to classify files on three file servers and set access permission conditions on these files based on certain criteria. The project’s goals are as follows:

  • Classify files based on customer accounts. There are three customer accounts: Spald-ing, Wilson, and Champion. All files containing these account names should be classified accordingly.
  • Classify files based on type of customer project: Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Soccer. If a project name is found in a file, the file should be classified accordingly.
  • Your company uses the Department attribute on user accounts to specify which type of product the user is involved with. Access to files you classify should be based on the user’s Department attribute; for example, if the Department attribute=Baseball, the user should have access to the files classified as Baseball. Access should be as follows:
    • If the user’s Department doesn’t equal the product type, the user shouldn’t have any access.
    • If the user’s Department is equal to the product type, the user should have Read access.
    • If the user’s Department is equal to the product type and the user job title is Manager, the user should have Modify access to the files.
    • If the user is a member of the Administrators group, the user should have Full Control access to all files.
  • Only files that have been classified with both the customer account and the project should be subject to DAC permissions.

Outline the steps you should take to achieve this project’s goals. Supply enough detail so that someone who has a good understanding of DAC and FCI could perform these tasks.

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