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Original Post:

Fairness has always been important in my life even as a young child. If I saw someone being bullied or picked on my response has always been in to step in and help the person out. Not every decision I make is made with fairness as part of the decision making process but when it comes to important decisions fairness is always an important consideration. When making important decisions I try to collect all available information and then base my decision on the available facts. A part of this decision making process is ensuring the decision is fair. Fair to me is ensuring that in the decision making process everyone’s point of view is considered and the decision that is made brings out about the best possible result. According to Taleff (2009) to be fair minded in decision making we must assess our feelings and the feelings of others. I agree. A fair decision takes into consideration more than just one viewpoint. It also takes into consideration the viewpoint of others. There will be people with opposing views which can result in someone not being happy about the decision but the goal is to try to meet the needs of everyone and if that not possible reducing the impact to the people with opposing views. Compromise would be an important aspect of the fair decision making process.

Taleff, M. (2009). Advanced Ethics for Addiction Professionals. Springer Publishing Company, New York, NY

Instructor Feedback:

Fairness is indeed a good principle to have when making decisions.  People have differing interpretations of what is fair though.  What do you utilize in order to determine what is fair when making a decision, especially when others disagree over what you think is fair?”

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