Eyewitnesses can have natural cognitive biases built into their own persona over time. The biases occur for many reasons, as outlined in our lecture.

How can eyewitness testimony change when the eyewitnesses are allowed to hear each other’s oral statements? Can overhearing these statements alter the perception of another witness? What can police officers do to mitigate this “bandwagon” bias effect?

Apply these three questions in a recent decision in your own workplace that was used to implement change at your organization. If you are not aware of any recent decisions, then create an imaginary work situation where the questions would affect a decision.

Your assignment should be a 2-3 page, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins paper. Page numbering is required. Assignment will be written according to strict APA guidelines. A cover page, abstract with key terms, a main body with conclusions and a reference page, 4 references minimum, is required but is not part of the page total. An APA style guide for referencing is available on our class site under the Resources tab. Grammar, spelling, typographical accuracy and a good writing style will be considered in determining your grade.

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