Discussion Topic: Marketing

We have all seen them. Some of us love them; others wish we could live without them – the television commercial. Companies realize that in order to catch and hold your attention, convince you to buy their product or use their service, they need to do this in 60 seconds or less. Advertisers are willing to pay millions of dollars for 30 seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl.

Share with the class your favorite or most memorable commercial or website commercial. Explain why this particular 30 to 60 second advertisement meant so much to you.

  • Did the advertisers accomplish their purpose?
  • Did you buy the product or service because of this commercial?
  • Are there products or services that you refuse to use because of advertisements you have seen?

Student Response:

Hi Professor and Class,

The most memorable commercial that comes to mind is the State Farm Insurance commercial “Wrong/Right”. I have attached a link if you would like to view it:

This commercial instantly captured my attention, while playing on my emotions. The concept of this commercial is a little boy talking about if you woke up one day and everything stopped going wrong. No more accidents, fires, emergencies, and no more bad anything and where would State Farm be? State Farm will be right here to help with colleges, first cars and first beginnings. The commercial uses many different types of advertising approaches that include happy/sad emotions, humor, fear, realistic and laughter. The commercial really makes you think even after its long over, do I have the right insurance agent and coverage for myself and my family? I actually did look into State Farm Insurance and ended up switching my services to them. They have saved me money, their customer service is great and I feel I made a great choice. 

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