Experimental Learning Project science homework help

Learning Project (ELP), worth 50% of the course grade which will reflect acquired knowledge that has been gained through the experiential learning process.

Learner Outcomes:

1. To develop an understanding of the interaction between science and society;

2. To appreciate the impact of science, both positive and negative, on society;

3. To understand the role of the individual in the development of a scientific study;

4. To develop an appreciation and recognition of the connections among all areas of science  including energy interactions, the structure of the atom, the Earth, the universe and living   organisms, and the effect of the applications of these  materials and concepts on the individual and society;

5. To complete an Experiential Learning Project which will be presented to the class;

6. To demonstrate basic knowledge in this science component of the liberal arts and sciences;

7. To analyze, interpret, and evaluate information in science texts;

8. To use appropriate analytical methods to analyze events and phenomena;

9. To demonstrate the ability to think reflectively and critically;

10. To solve problems using quantitative reasoning skills;

11. To enhance understanding of the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition.

ELP Project Details, Part 1:  Oral Presentation

Each student is expected to complete and present an Experiential Learning Project (approximately 7 minutes) which promotes a deeper understanding of the course content through the integration of the theoretical and experiential, and through sharing this knowledge with the class and instructor. The presentation may, depending on the course/content, be presented through appropriate use of technology, such as Live Classroom, etc.  The ELP, therefore, demonstrates the acquisition of the knowledge which each student has gained through an actual experience which has been further enhanced through directed research.In order to accomplish this goal, the central question to which your project must respond is the relationship of what you have learned to the course objectives, particularly with regard to the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition, and how the issue of the subject/course matter is addressed and achieved. 

Example from PACOM 100: Research and Writing for the Profession: A student might be a member of a suburban police department.  That student might want to learn more about the ways to curb officer stress, and a Final Project is essentially born.  With this example, the student’s project might include a class presentation of a first-hand account/testimony of a police officer affected by job-related stress, with a power point and/or other audio-visual materials, as well as an accompanying research paper and annotated bibliography which would reflect the research that has been completed in preparation for the Final Project presentation. 

ELP Details, Part 2:  Written Project

In addition to the oral ELP presentation, each student is required to submit minimum of a 15-20 page research paper upon which your ELP is based and a 5-7 page annotated bibliography, both of which must conform to established MLA standards of documentation.  For the annotated bibliography, each annotation should take the form of a 3-4 sentence synopsis of the item which you have researched.  By following that template, your bibliography should, then, incorporate approximately 15-20 sources.  Your final number of research sources can exceed this number but not be below it.  Of these sources, 50 percent [50%] must be hard-copy items, such as texts, scholarly, peer-reviewed journals, periodicals, films, recordings, and the like; the other 50 percent can be taken directly from internet sources. 

If you find that you cannot complete your paper by its due date [i.e., the date of your ELP presentation], it is possible to receive a grade of incomplete (“I”) until the paper is submitted and graded.  Incomplete grades are only issued in consultation and agreement with the course instructor, on an individual basis. A student with an Incomplete grade may not be able to continue with their coursework in the program and should contact their Advisor for clarification, based on the student’s individualized program plan. Those students with an “I” are reminded to adhere to the deadline date confirmed by the instructor to resolve the incomplete grade.

Writing Requirements

Format of all written assignments:

· All written assignments must use both 12 pt. print size and Times New Roman font. 

· All pages are to be double-spaced, consistently leaving margins of 1 inch at the top, bottom and sides.

· For multiple paged papers, number pages consecutively in the upper-right corner of each page.

· The first page of any document should not be numbered. 

· All documentation should follow accepted MLA style. Directions for MLA can be found in the textbook you have purchased for this course.

As common practice, students are reminded and should be able to do the following:

· Write in clear correct English.

· Proofread their writing before submitting.

· Save and move files and send them as attachments to email.

· Use the computer to access email and the Internet.

· Use their Neumann University email account for any and all correspondence related to the course.

· Have electronic access to a library and the Internet.

· Be willing to present research topics to the class.

· Use the Academic Resource Center (ARC) and/or SMARTHINKING for assistance with writing, assignment preparation, tutoring and related services.

my help topic is and Thesis statement is “Animal lives should nit be jeopardized in the pursuit of human medical research”

can you please clean this thesis up by adding a little more to this upon my franciscan beliefs 

TOPIC and Thesis Science is an integral part of our society and affects our day-to-day life.” What do you think dear client?

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